Defense Yourself From COVID-19 Pandemic
– A Complete Life-Rejuvenation Energy Healing –

Heal the fear and boost immunity through Mind-Body Energy Medicine

Conducted by Dr. Jason Liu

This Healing Workshop is especially to help all people defense self and loved ones from the impact by the COVID-19 pandemic through mind-body medicine. The workshop is conducted through online conference live video and audio by Dr. Jason Liu. He will also teach and perform his healing arts such as musical meditation, hypnosis, five element energy music healing, taichi, acupressure, etc.

This is a life transforming healing. You will gain a totally new view scope to observe your life, and receive a transformational change in your life and whole being physically, mentally and spiritually. Dr. Liu will take your healing journey to a deeper level: restore and rejuvenate your life force to the most original, pure, fear-free, young, and energetic state. In this 3-hour healing session (two sessions, 1.5 hour each, 10 min break in between), we will go through all dimensions – the mind, body, spirit and their sub-dimensions – to detoxify all unhealthy, mutated and contaminated areas of your body, mind and emotions, and then set it a healthy, clean, fresh, positive, upright, and fully functional life mechanism.

The workshop is conducted with various healing arts spontaneously including but not limiting to energy healing music, brainwave sounds, meditation, hypnotherapy, visualization, acupresure, Taiji, etc. An interactive open format of video/audio and multimedia presentation, discussion, questions, answers, and practices are dynamically integrated for your entertaining, inspiring and energetic healing art enjoyment.

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